The ability to efficiently and pro-actively manage claims portfolios is essential to any (Re) Insurerís financial well being and client retention.

B. D. Cooke Solutions can provide you with the highest level of claims management.

Our claims people currently act on behalf of both UK and overseas Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, in both a lead and following capacity.

Our key competencies include:-

  • Timely resolution of valid claims
  • Contract interpretation
  • Litigation management
  • Arbitration management
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Reinsurance recoveries

The management of your discontinued liabilities can be a challenging and costly process and a distraction from your core business activities.

B. D. Cooke Solutions can provide a system or series of systems to manage your run-off business, allowing you to focus your own skills and resources where they are most needed.

Using our expertise we can offer many services to facilitate and enhance your exit strategy, including, claims handling, litigation management, actuarial evaluations, commutation negotiation and reinsurance and debt recovery.

The ability to quickly and efficiently recover your reinsurance asset is crucial to successful cash flow management.

It can also protect these assets from potential bad credit risk, time bar and other time sensitive issues, whilst improving liquidity and returns on capital.

In the last five years our team have recovered more than $112M in reinsurance assets.

By retaining the services of B. D. Cooke Solutions you will be sharing our expertise and benefiting from our strengths thus maximizing your recovery potential.

Whether it is an evaluation of a system, process, product, service or organisation, Audits and Inspections can have a multitude of purposes and benefits.

Also with the increased reliance on MGAís and other Third Party Service Providers it has become even more essential to be able to thoroughly and diligently Audit and Inspect your business associates.

You may need to ensure your policyholder adheres to set claims criteria or that a cedentís claims controls, procedures and reserves are appropriate and adequate.

Whatever your needs or requirements, B. D. Cooke Solutions can help.

Our multidiscipline team has the experience and industry insight to understand your business processes and objectives.

We can help identify and prevent problem areas and also provide confidence that your interests are being well served.

We provide Audit and Inspection services in many business areas including:-

  • Reinsurance Inspections
  • Due diligence reviews to support purchase transactions
  • Valuation studies of insurers/Reinsurers
  • Loss reserve analysis
  • Claims reviews
  • Underwriting audits
  • Premium and fee audits
  • MGA reviews
  • Binding authority audits
  • Forensic accounting

We can supply a static reserve review, ensuring the reserves you hold are an up to date and accurate assessment of your liabilities. Additional benefits of such an exercise include the releasing of redundant reserves retained on closed treaties and closed claims on direct books of business.

Our team is both legally and technically qualified and experienced to manage and assist in even the most complex of coverage cases and arbitrations.

Totally familiar with the legal process and coverage issues involved, B. D. Cooke can work with you to find the most cost efficient and effective strategy to facilitate the resolution of your coverage disputes.

A flurry of commutation activity by both the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry, over the last decade, has revealed the many benefits and advantages of commuting with policyholders and cedants alike.

The many potential benefits include:-

  • Improved cash flow by the accelerated collection of reinsurance assets
  • Reduction of reserves held
  • Improved liquidity and returns on capital
  • Resolution of outstanding debt by off-set
  • Limitation of potential future liabilities and claims deterioration
  • Avoidance of costly coverage disputes
  • Finality

Whether it is a single claim, a whole portfolio or an entire insurance program, B. D. Cooke can provide a team to negotiate, analyse, review and advise on all aspects of commutation. By utilising our wealth of practical experience and strengths you can rest assured your interests will be well served as will your prospects of achieving a favourable resolution.

The acquisition of a company or portfolio requires a business approach to due diligence that complements the work of other professionals. We have considerable experience in evaluating the business risks and loss potential of complex books of business drawing on the skills we have described above.