The origins of our company date back more than 60 years, when we first began providing Insurance and Reinsurance management services to the market.

During that time we have successfully navigated our clients through some turbulent waters. The onset of pollution, asbestos and heath hazard (APH) claims during the 80ís and 90ís decimated the industry and in fact continues today to provide unique challenges in the claims arena.

It is by being involved at the forefront of such challenges the Company gained invaluable, practical experience and knowledge in the handling of large, complex and contentious books of business. Policy interpretation, claims analysis, formulating claims strategies, when and how to settle, when and how to litigate, are all skills our people have finessed whilst leading the market in the resolution of their portfolios.

Current trends would indicate the APH legacy has peaked and although not over it appears much of the industry has rode the storm, but not without cost. Insolvency, reduced capacity, run-off and schemes of arrangement are some of the scars the industry now bears.

Our highly regarded team of leading claims and financial professionals have a proven track record applying their collective knowledge and experiance. That transferable knowledge and experiance provides our skills base, enabling us to provide a full range of creative, flexible and responsive solutions to the insurance industry. Our philosophy is to always apply a pragmatic approach to our clients needs, to identify the issues, simplify the complex and deliver value added customer services, effectively and efficiently.